I've been putting these prints together to sell for the project that Miguel and I are doing for the Vancouver Biennale. Our 'Salish Sea Lab', as we are calling it, is a unique intersection between sculpture and projected animation. These proofs were pulled at Second State Press. The wood blocks were lasercut at NextFab studio from images created in Rhino using Grasshopper. I will resume work on them when I return from the Vancouver Biennale Residency. In the meantime, I will be working on the animation portion of our project in Squamish, British Columbia.

Watch for the Kickstarter to launch any time now.


Vancouver on the Brain

Here is a recent screen grab from Bubble Browser for Evernote. I like to keep track of things in Evernote. This way, I can surf through my stuff by tag/notebook/date. I can't wait for the iPhone version.


Vancouver Biennale, Here I come!

I have been accepted to the Vancouver Biennale artist residency for this summer! I will be working with artist Miguel Horn on a unique collaboration between sculpture and animation. 

We will be staying and working in Squamish, BC for our installation. There is much to do!

More news soon.

Photo Credit: Bill McComish,

Photo Credit: Bill McComish,

Ignite Philly 12 - Parametric Modeling

 I had the recent privilege to speak at Ignite Philly 12 this past Saturday.  I'm always amazed with the speakers at these events. It was an honor to be among them. Just a few of the speakers at this Ignite were the first blind speaker Austin Seraphin, the first deaf speaker, Michelle Lee, Jason Fagone and Philly geek of the year



I spoke about Parametric Modeling. I talked in general how it is a tool that is somewhere between 3D Modeling and Programming. I will be posting the video as soon as it becomes available.  Thanks to David Clayton and Geoff Dimasi for inviting me to speak.


Vector Equilibria: First Night

 I am very excited to say that last night's Vector Equilibria went really well. Gene Coleman and I had so much great help from Sean Stoops (Animated Architecture), David Clayton (Philadelphia Science Center), our musicians, Sam Cusumano (of Data Garden), Sahar Coston-Hardy (photography, but not these crappy images), and my uber-helpful dad.


I think this event was unique for a number of reasons:

Live Music

Gene Coleman and his band of merry musicians for the night - Michael McDermott, Nick Millevoi, and Teddy Rankin-Parker with recording by Sam Cusumano - created a whole unique sound for the piece. At times it reminded me of 2001 Space Odyssey; completely epic. They even used a recording of a piece called Water of the Last Moment by Gene with vocals by The Crossing. Tonight the video projection will be accompanied by a recording of last night's performance. Sam Cusumano is doing the mix and I can't wait to hear it. 


Two Projectors

Because one very large projector is very expensive and difficult to procure, we decided to layer two projectors to get twice as many lumens. Two 5500 lumen projectors from FunFlicks gave us 11000 lumens (!). It was the trickiest part of the setup, but it made it possible for me to project the image onto the full extent of the facade more afford-ably and manage-ably. 



 Although the rain probably deterred some people from coming to the event last night, those of us that were there enjoyed the rain. It was a challenge that made it something special, but that also strangely fit with the piece. The middle sequence, 'PRESENT', has a sort of rain of stars as we move through space.



This year marks the 30 year anniversary of Buckminster Fuller's death. Bucky was a fellow at the Science Center for about a decade. In celebration of Fuller and the Science Center's 50 year anniversary, Gene and I themed the piece around Fuller and his ideas. In the past I have not done work that was so heavily themed on someone else's ideas. But the concepts of Fuller's such as Spaceship Earth, the World Game, and learning from the sustainable synergy of nature add so much more to the formal and technical qualities of this piece. I like this way of working and thinking and hope to do more like this in the future.

I will be creating a video about the event in the coming weeks and writing more about my ideas and research in making the piece. First, I need to take a little break. But don't forget to come to the second night tonight in West Philly at Market and 34th St from 7 to 9. It's free and there will be less rain.

Bucky would be so happy if you came.


Water Jet

Over at NextFab they are cutting out one of my designs on the waterjet. It's for their Bike Garden that Will Belcher, Henry Moll and I designed several months ago. 



Olin is the Man

I was so excited to watch Laurie Olin receive the National Medal of Honors this Wednesday alongside the likes of Mr George Lucas, Ellsworth Kelly, and Joan Myers Brown of Philadelphia. He is quite an amazing individual, someone who truly deserves such a medal. If you haven't yet, check out the great article about Laurie on by Inga Saffron. Laurie, may the force be with you.

OLIN design for Sylvan Theater on the National Mall